Our Story

Potport was established in January 2004 by myself, Adele Carew, having experience in the nursery industry since 1995. After a lot of soul searching, I started Potport on a word from Jeremiah 19:1 “Go to your potter and buy your clay jar…”

My husband, Dennis, joined me from the get-go by which time we moved to Cape Town in May 2004 to establish and expand our business. Over the years we’ve seen the good and the bad in our industry: fraud, drought, crazy economics, but through it all we’ve managed, by His grace, to grow from strength to strength.

In our offices we have a motto: Potport – where people are more important than time and money. We’ve realised that business is more than just the bottom line, it’s a ministry! In saying this, we are merely managing God's business and in such we strive to please Him through honest business ethics, hard work and determination.

Up until now it's been an awesome experience and a great adventure; up until He decides otherwise, we are here to serve you and be a blessing to your business.

Adele and Dennis Carew